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A division of the trucking industry


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Pro Group Equipment has offered its services in Bristol, Pennsylvania since 2020. Serving customers in the municipal and commercial industries, our experienced employees are dedicated to meeting all of your needs. We specialize in medium & heavy duty equipment rentals at your convenience. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any of the equipment in our inventory for your next project. We are just a simple click away.

PGE Equipment is a women owned enterprise whose owners have been a part of the construction industry for 20+ years. PGE was founded with the determination to give customers the best quality equipment, at the best price. PGE strives on inclusivity, as a woman owned business, and is focused on accommodating clients with a partner that is experienced and proficient.



PGE Rentals offers vehicles and equipment for railroads, transit authorities, and utilities and contractors throughout North America. We provide rental equipment needed for your business, so your team can work effectively and efficiently. Our rental fleet includes light duty vehicles such as pickup trucks, to heavy duty vehicles such as grapples and transmission equipment for our utility customers. We take pride in our timely service, high quality equipment, and a willingness to work with our customers. By being a smaller operator, we can work more diligently and faster with our customers.

Company Policy

PGE management and employees are committed to providing quality products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations. This is accomplished by the participation of all employees in a quality management system that is based on the following key principles:

  • ATTEND to all of our customer's and supplier's needs
  • GUARENTEE quality work through processes that create flawless service
  • TRANSCEND constantly and aim towards the best assistance possible



Our experienced and dedicated leadership team is easy to work with and focused on meeting the needs of your drivers so they can meet the needs of those who rely on them every day.

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