2007 Freightliner M2 Lift-All LATFB-50-1E

Stock #: B101
Condition: Used
Equipment Type: Bucket Truck
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*****************Elliott recently introduced the Elliott D86 digger derrick, specifically designed for utility transmission line construction and maintenance work. Mounted on a tandem axle chassis, the D86 Digger Derrick boasts a 86’ sheave height, 20,000 ft-lbs of digger torque, and a 41’ maximum digging radius.************

Spec list

Lifting Capacity: 11,100 LBS at 10' *******
Max Sheave Height: 47.4’ *******
Max Load Radius: 6.7’ *****
Max Horizontal Reach: *****
Max Horizontal Reach: *****
Max Digging Radius: 26’ ********
Median Digging Radius: *****
Digging Capacity at Medium Radius: 2,542 LBS**********
Lift Capacity at Medium Radius: 4,542 LBS *******

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